Who we are

True to our motto "Child in Focus" (KiM), the Backhaus Kinder und Jugendhilfe (BKJH) creates, manages and looks after placements of children as part of the residential child and youth care and education program according to Book Eight of the German Social Code (SGB VIII). The central idea of BKJH is to establish relationships. Based on the human desire for bonding, security and protection, BKJH offers young people, who cannot live in their family of origin, placements in so-called Profifamilien® (supervised youth upbringing units). These are in a position to ensure an upbringing by fulfilling the desire to establish stable and strong relationships. Profifamilien® are the main focus of BKJH.

However, not every young individual is best fostered in family settings. That is why BKJH has also created special pedagogical group facilities.

The founders and agents of BKJH are Gerhard and Marianne Backhaus. In their career, they have experienced that large children’s homes with changing attachment figures are not an ideal place to grow up for many young people. Therefore, they founded BKJH and started to develop the family-oriented concept of Profifamilie® in 1976.

Today more than 500 employees of the BKJH operate in eight German federal states. As a free agency, BKJH collaborates with over 100 youth welfare offices all over Germany.

Basic principles

Bonding and relationships are fundamental in order to enable young people to live meaningful lives.

In a protected atmosphere and with the support of specialists, the adolescents can

  • develop trust as well as a feeling of self-worth and self-respect
  • work through their previous life story and traumatic experiences.

In this way it is possible to break through cross-generational institutional accommodation.

The family of origin is a part of every young person’s life. It is taken seriously and valued in terms of its biography. As an integral part of our “Child in Focus” concept, we strive for a good cooperation with each family of origin.

What is a Profifamilie®?

A Profifamilie® usually accommodates one or two young people with them in their home. After prior audit and approval, the youth welfare office places the young people according to SGB VIII. Since Profifamilie® parents are our employees, we require that at least one of them has completed a pedagogical career training. In order to prepare them for the special challenges of integrating a young person into their families, BKJH additionally trains them over a six-month period. Single parents, homosexuals and specialists who are older in age can also be suitable for this task. The Profifamilie®, the young people and the families of origin are supported by the institute’s managers of the upbringing service, who are available as contact persons and consultants.

Requirements of the Profifamilie®

  • Qualified career training and approval by the local authorising agency
  • Participation in an in-house preparatory course
  • Participation in regular upbringing conferences
  • Professional appreciation and treatment towards the family of origin
  • Identification with the basic principles of the institution
  • Acceptance of the organisational involvement, including all rights and duties associated with it


We offer

  • A working relationship subject to social security contribution with accommodation of a child
  • Reflection and supervision of the work
  • Advice and intervention available 24 hours a day in the event of a crisis
  • Support with contacts with the family of origin, offices and the authorities by the upbringing services
  • Psychological consultation by the internal psychological service
  • Recreational and educational opportunities
  • Support of a large and specialised institution and its employees with more than 40 years of experience


The Profifamilie® usually remains a support framework for the young people after they have become autonomous.

What else does BKJH do?

Additional offerings

Group pedagogical facilities

For those Profifamilie® does not provide the appropriate atmosphere, we have developed special group pedagogical options. Each group is unique with its own building and property, as well as different focuses. These include:

  • Clearing: diagnostics and clarification of life perspectives with particular attention to the concept of establishing relationships
  • Animal-supported pedagogy
  • Young mothers/fathers and their children
  • Youth living communities
  • Support for young adults with various special needs

All groups are supervised and managed in the shift work model. They have access to the psychological service of BKJH.

Career training

For young people who live with the BKJH and cannot initially find a training spot on the employment market, BKJH offers training in a closely supervised atmosphere. There are opportunities both for complete educational training programs as well as low-threshold assistant trainings.

BKJH offers training in the following areas:

  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Domestic economy
  • Cooking
  • Administration
  • Retail
  • Decorating and painting


Participation is an overarching theme at BKJH. For us, participation means taking part, complaint management and diversity.

  • Taking part: Young people are listened to and taken seriously. They are developmentally involved in the process of making decisions regarding their personal lives.
  • Complaint management: BKJH is a learning organisation. It is constantly working on transparent complaints procedures that ensure early recognition and handling of injustices and boundary crossings.
  • Diversity: BKJH puts great emphasis on being as free of barriers and discrimination as possible. Young people, employees and systems of origin are valued equally, regardless of their background, social status, skin colour, disability, sexual orientation and identity etc.



Working with us

Position advertisements

BKJH as an employer

Welcome to BKJH! Motivated and committed staff is our most important resource. In order to make high and permanent engagement possible, we offer our employees several educational and recreational opportunities.

Different perspectives are an integral part of the work – whether in collaboration with the team or the family of origin. We require that our employees are capable of accepting different perspectives.

Therefore, we do not employ people who are fundamentalist or dogmatically oriented. Obviously, paedophiles are also not given any opportunities with us!

If you would like to be a part of BKJH, please apply with our online _application form.


A pedagogical centre is the basic contact point for Profifamilien®, young people, offices, authorities and families of origin in a particular region. You will find the nearest pedagogical centre on the map. If you have any questions, please contact our central office in Meppen, Germany.


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